How to buy W3C Tokens using MyEthereumWallet

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Disclaimer: This is document is only meant to serve as a tool to guide you through the purchase of W3C tokens. We are not responsible for any loss and cannot guarantee that the services listed below will work as intended.


To follow this guide, you will need:

  1. Have a web browser.
  2. Hold a certain amount of ether in the account that you control. ONLY ETHER WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR THE ICO. Do not send any other cryptocurrency to the addresses mentioned in this article

Getting Started

Step 1: Creating an account

First navigate to

Then, make sure to select any of the ETH networks on the top right of the page.

Save your wallet!

This is a very important step. Make sure to save the wallet file and to keep a backup of it.If your wallet data is lost, all of the ether/tokens locked inside will be gone forever.

Step 3: Viewing Wallet Info

To be able to view your wallet information, click on the "View Wallet Info" tab. Here you will need to add the JSON keystore file that you just created.


To be able to "watch" the W3C tokens contract and see all of its relevant information, you are going to need the address of the tokens contract which can be found on the W3C website. Parity's GUI does not let you interact with contracts by default, so you will need to change a setting on the GUI first. Click "Settings" on the right corner and select "Contract". Enable the Contracts field.

Unlock your account and you should arrive at an account information page.

Step 5: Getting Ether

To be able to participate in the ICO, you will need to hold some ether (ETH) in an account that you control.

You can buy ETH from different exchanges using a plethora of currencies. Note: just like in Bitcoin, there are transaction fees associated to every transaction. So sending 1 ether will not exactly give you back the amount of tokens that you expect, it will be slightly less.

WARNING: Do not send ether directly from an exchange. It is possible that you will lose all of those tokens. We suggest buying ether on exchanges, and sending that ether over to your own privately controlled account.

Step 6: Buying W3C Tokens

The ICO will be active from July 10th and will close 30 days from then. There is a limited supply of tokens for the ICO, the sale goes on a first come first serve basis. Before doing anything, please verify that you are currently in the crowdfund period.

To buy W3C tokens, all you will need to do is to send a transaction to the CrowdFund Contract address with a certain amount of ether from a contract you control. Send the contract with at least 200 000 gas to make sure that the transaction goes through. We suggest sending the transaction with a reasonable gas price, around 3~4 Gwei.

To send a transaction to the contract, click on the “Send Ether & Tokens” Tab on the navbar.

Input the keystore file that you just created in the last step, and unlock it with your password. The transaction page will appear.

Add the Crowdfund's address in the recipients field and the value you want to send. Also add the correct amount of gas (gas limit here) and gas price, and then click "Generate Transaction". If all goes well, it will generate a signed transaction. At this point, click "Send Transaction".

The conversion rate for the ICO will be 1 ether = 50 000 W3C.

Step 6: Watching W3C Tokens

To watch the W3C tokens from MyEthereumWallet, go to the Wallet Info tab, and input your password. Then, on the right hand side, click on "Add Custom Token" and input the W3C Token address, it's symbol (W3C) and decimals (18). Click save, and after a little while, you should see your amount of tokens that you just received. If it's not there, wait a little longer and refresh the page.

W3C Token address: 0x4EcDc839fcFE8D80C69877acF692e6a65B364b38
Symbol: W3C
Decimals: 18


That's it!

Thank you for participating in the W3C ICO.

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