W3Coin offering opportunity to invest in new crypto-currency

Posted By: Admin Published: 05/07/2017 Times Read: 1154

What if you could be involved in today’s newest form of digital currency and be ahead of the curve? With W3Coin, also known as WSC for short, you can.

Many have heard of using Bitcoin as currency for online transactions, but the recent influx of new companies using cryptography-based digital coin currencies has provided a slew of opportunities within this technology industry. It also gives the public an opportunity to invest in up-and-coming stocks and coin purchases for business and personal uses.

W3C is a new cryptography-based digital coin and payment gateway that will be introduced worldwide on June 27, 2017, with the first “crowdsale” set to premiere on that date. When you purchase W3C, you will be part of a conglomerate of fellow W3C traders. Once you are part of the network, you can buy and trade using W3C as your currency of choice.    

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